Linked book cover

Linked book cover.

Analyzing the Social Web. By Jennifer Golbeck (2013). “An enjoyable handbook for beginners in social network analysis, full of examples and applications.”

Linked: How everything is connected to everything else and what it means for business, science and everyday life. By Albert–Laszlo Barabasi (2003). “An inspiring new perspective for my research and an enjoyable introductory read about networks.”

Long Tail: How endless choice is creating unlimited demand. By Chris Anderson (2006). “The new economy of the Internet, to the dismay of dinosaur industries and tailored policy-makers.”

Folksonomies: Indexing and Retrieval in Web 2.0. By Isabella Peters (2009). “A must read for anybody conducting research on social tagging or implementing a social tagging project.”

Building a Multilingual Internet

Picture of a multicultural mural in San Francisco

Mural in San Francisco.

Net Increase: blog by researcher Scott Hale about multilingual Internet, geography and visualization of social networks.
The Languages of the WWW. Google's research blog post with 2008 data.
The Twitter of Babel. Article published in the open access journal PLoS ONE, 2013.

The World Digital Library , UNESCO.
Europeana . Europe's cultural collections.
Academic Journals and Language. Image by Oxford Internet Institute, 2011.

Global Voices: international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world.
Xiha: multilingual social networking site.
Amara: platform for crowdsourcing subtitles of videos in multiple languages.
World Map of Twitter Languages. Image from 2011.
Indigenous Tweets: blog and project aiming at revitalizing minority languages through social media.

Social Network Analysis

SocialFlow: blog on Twitter and social networks research.
Gephi: open source graph visualization tool.
NodeXL: open source template for exploring network graphs in Excel 2007 and 2010.

Social Tagging and Art Museums

Steve: the Museum Social Tagging Project
Indianapolis Museum of Art

Academic and Linguistic Resources

Visuwords visualization

Visuwords visualization.

Cross-Language Evaluation Forum
ACM Digital Library
TED conferences

Wordnet: a lexical database for English.
Visuwords: online graphical dictionary based on Wordnet.
DBpedia: knowledge base extracted from Wikipedia structured information.
IATE: inter-active terminology for Europe: term database with the European Commission translations.
Wordreference: online multilingual dictionary.

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