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Collaboration in the UrbanQool project (2014)

This project of the Institute for Environment and Sustainability at JRC, led by Dr. Massimo Craglia, aimed at reusing data from social networks and citizen science initiatives for feedback of quality of life in urban areas. My contribution to the project was the report, co-authored with Dr. Jacopo Granzzini, Social network analysis of civic engagement initiatives on Twitter. The case of people’s climate.

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Visualization of a social network with three language communities Visualization with Gephi tool of a social network with 3 language communities

Multilingual Use of Twitter (2011-2013)

Recipient of the Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award 2012, in the area of Social Systems. Dissertation supervised by Prof. Jennifer Golbeck, at the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park.


Focusing on the social networks of multilingual Twitter users, this research contributes an original classification of network types based on the patterns of connections between language groups. Also, it applies the novel idea of modeling the influence of network factors in the language choices of the user. Finally, this work tests the hypothesis that the type of post influences language choice, and explores with a theme analysis how other textual features might elicit cross-cultural awareness. These results can inform the design of social media platforms.

The full dissertation is accessible from the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland. Please visit Publications for more details on the paper published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior: Multilingual use of Twitter: social networks at the language frontier. Also, you can read the blog post version and you can watch the video or listen to the podcast of my talk at the Digital Dialogs of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

Screenshot of the Spanish image tagger Spanish image tagger by Irene

Collaboration in the T3 project: Text, Tags, and Trust (2010-2011)

The T3 research project at the University of Maryland combined text mining and social tags for improving access to digital image collections in museums and libraries. The T3 project built on the project and CLIMB project (Computational Linguistics for Metadata Building). The principal investigators of this project were Dr. Judith Klavans (Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Lab) and Prof. Jennifer Golbeck (College of Information Studies and Human–Computer Interaction Lab).

My role within the project was to investigate how bilingual and multilingual social tagging could improve access and use of art images. Please visit Publications for more details on the paper published in Proceedings of the ACM 2012 conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work: A study of multilingual social tagging of art images: cultural bridges and diversity. Also, you can read my blog post about this study at Follow the Crowd.

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Investigating Multilingual Access to Digital Libraries (2008)

Masters research project supervised by Prof. Paul Clough, at the University of Sheffield, UK. Please see the poster (PDF, 2008) and visit Publications (Clough and Eleta, 2010) for more details.

Questionnaire and data files (2008)

If you use these data, please cite: Clough, P. and Eleta, I. (2010). Investigating Language Skills and Field of Knowledge on Multilingual Information Access in Digital Libraries. International Journal of Digital Library Systems (IJDLS), volume 1(1), pp. 89-103.

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Collaboration in the project Management System of Technical Publications in Eurotech (2006-2007)

Principal investigators Profs. Michael O'Donnell and Susana Murcia at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) led a project on integrating automatic translation software into a management system of technical publications. I was responsible of evaluating language technologies. Please find more details on the project webpage.

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